Sugar Beet Molasses

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Sugar Beet molasses is the syrupy by-product yielded after the crystallization of sugar from concentrated sugar juice extracted from the roots of sugar beets (Beta vulgaris L.). It is viscous, dark, sweet, sugar-rich, with a caramel flavor. Like sugarcane molasses, it is very palatable to livestock. It is a major feed ingredient for all types of livestock including poultry. It is used as an energy source, as an appetizer, as a binder in compound feeds, and as a carrier for other ingredients such as sources of non-protein nitrogen (urea).

Main analysis Unit Avg Min Max
Dry solids weight part % 78.0
Sucrose weight part % 46.0
Total fermentable sugars weight part % 46.4
pH 7.0 5.5 7.5
Total aerobic mesophilic count and optionally anaerobic micro organisms, CFU in1 g, not more than 1,0х105
Moulds, CFU in 1 g, not more than 1,5х104

Beet molasses is widely used in:

⦁ feeding of cattle;
⦁ yeast production;
⦁ spirits production;
⦁ liquor production;
⦁ candy manufacturing;
⦁ bioethanol production.

⦁ Flexi-tank in 20 feet sea containers.
⦁ IBC-containers.
⦁ Tank truck.

Shelf life: 12 months as of the manufacturing date.