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We provide only the highest quality Ovine (Lamb) Meals available. Great care is taken in the production of our meals processing only the freshest offal, yielding a finished product that is superior in color, texture and aroma. Our Ovine meals are 100 % Ovine and are guaranteed scrape free. Lamb meal is the dry rendered part from mammal tissues, exclusive of hair, hoof, horn, hide trimmings, manure, and stomach contents, except in such amounts as may occur unavoidably in good factory practice, especially prepared for feeding purposes by tanking under live steam or dry rendering.

Main analysis Unit Avg Min Max
Crude protein % 55.7 54.0 58.5
Crude fat % 12.4 10.2 15.0
Moisture % 3.2 2.0 5.0
Crude Ash % 24.0 21.5 26.0
Peroxide number of Fat Meq/kg. 3.0 1.0 10.0
Acidity Mg/KOH 11.2 7.0 20.0
Digestibility o pepsin % 86.1 84.0 88.2
Crude fibre % 0.7 0.3 2.0


Salmonella – negative in 25 grams

Enterobacteria – < 10/g. 

Main using into pet food industry.

Soft polypropylene containers (big bags) net weight of up to 1,200 kg or as agreed with the customer

Packaging has the manufacturer’s logo and a label inserted into the seam with standard consumer information.

Shelf life: 12 months as of the manufacturing date.

Storage: in a ventilated room in the original packing at a temperature below 25°С and relative air humidity below 75%.