Fish oil (salmon)

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It is used as a dietary supplement to animal feed, as it contains polyunsaturated acids, which promote the formation of antibodies that protect against a number of animal diseases. It reduces the need for chemical medications. In addition, salmon oil contains acids promoting the release of large amounts of progesterone, which in turn positively affects reproductive systems of body. Salmon oil is also a source of health promoting vitamins A, B, H and E. It contains minerals – calcium, phosphorus, iodine, selenium – that promote growth, which cannot be supplied from purely vegetable diet. That is why salmon oil is used as a supplement for domestic animal foods. Salmon oil is also used in the manufacturing industry – for production of leather, soap, paint, linoleum and films.

Main analysis Unit Avg Min Max
Fat % 99,0 98,0 99,5
Unsaponifiable % 0.5 0.2 1.5
Moisture % 0,15 0,05 1.0
Acidity (FFA) % 3,5 2,0 5,0
Peroxide number of Fat mEq/kg 4.5 2.0 10.0
Omega 3 % 12.5 10.0 15.0
EPA % 5.5 4.0 7.0
DHA % 5.0 6.7 8.0

Animal feed, production of leather, soap, paint, linoleum and films.

– Flexi-tank in 20 feet sea containers.

– IBC-containers. 

– Tank truck.